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Press Release of the trade and private sector development (TPSD) Project

September 21, 2015

The Government of Nepal is implementing a new project on Trade and Private Sector Development(TPSD) with the support of European Union. The project especially supports the trade led economic growth, trade policy development, quality infrastructure and value chain development.

The Trade and Private Sector Development Project will enhance the trade capacity through major three components:

-      Enhancing the capacity of the Ministry of Commerce and Supplies (MoCS) to formulate and implement trade policies which will strengthen the overall competitiveness of Nepalese products at home and abroad,

-      Strengthening the national quality infrastructure to enable Nepalese producers and exporters to demonstrate compliance with the regulatory requirements in export markets, and to increase the protection of health and safety for consumers at home, and

-      By providing support to the development of the coffee value chain by helping producers to improve their productivity, enhance outputs and quality of exportable coffee products

All the components of the project will be jointly implemented by Government of Nepal and European Union. The project component will enhance the capacity of government agencies and private sector to perform trade related activities. In particular, the major stakeholders are Ministry of Commerce and Supplies, the Ministry of Agricultural Development, the Ministry of Industry, the Trade and Export Promotion Centre, the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control, the National Bureau of Standards and Metrology, and the National Tea and Coffee Development Board. Other trade related agencies and institutions, including members of private sector organizations, civil society and academia will be benefited targeted as well.

The intermediate beneficiaries will be operators of national and international trading activities, who will be able to better trade with other countries, in the region and worldwide. European companies importing goods from Nepal will also benefit from greater reliability and compliance of goods with international standards.

The project entered its operational phase in April 2015 and will end in January 2018.

For further information, please contact:

Under Secretary, Deepak Raj Pandey (MoCS)
Dr. Achim Seiler (Tel: 9808150379) Team leader of the EU-TPSD project

For more information please download : FinalPressReleaseMoCS.pdf

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