Taxi Meter Verification in Operation

With the assistance from the European Union funded Trade and Private Sector Development Project (TPSD), Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology (NBSM) has completed installation of a new taxi-meter verification facility. This will allow NBSM to test the meters installed in taxis in the Kathmandu valley to check that they are accurately recording the mileage, applying the correct tariff and issuing a correct receipt to the consumers.

Since July 22, 2017 all taxis operating in the Kathmandu valley are required by law to have taxi meters installed in their vehicles that can provide a receipt to their passengers at the end of the journey. The receipt must contain details about the distance travelled, the fare, the vehicle’s registration number, the name and phone number of the driver.

The receipt system is expected to increase consumer protection by preventing cases of taxi drivers overcharging passengers. The taxi verification equipment will also protect consumers by monitoring the use of meters to prevent any form of tampering. The installation of the taxi verification equipment doubles the capacity of NBSM to monitor compliance with the regulations to that there is no tampering with the meter installed in the taxis and ensure customers receive an accurate receipt. The technology cost approximately Rs 7 million. NBSM provided Rs 1 million, while EU has contributed the remaining amount.

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